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Credit Counselor

We could watch the growing complexities in the operating environment of banks, attributable to not only the transactional, customer and regional spread of the activities of the bank but also frequent regulatory directions coupled with increased use of sophisticated technology for providing services to the customers. Appropriate and adequate understanding of the customers leads to efficient credit sanctioning process and thereby reduces future losses.


Business challenges

Business Challenges

Imagine a client has submitted a big credit proposal and you are working with no sense of timing. There's paperwork everywhere, your phone is ringing off the hook and you refuse to answer it because you are just not ready to deal with that persistent client. Before you know it, you are totally confused, paperwork is strewn all over your desk and you are not sure where anything is. And before you know it, you have lost a client. Poor time management and poor credit assessment can lead to loss of a valuable client. The important point is not necessarily about getting lots of stuff done, because much more important than that is making sure that you are working on the right things, the things that truly need to be done.

While sanctioning a credit, the credit officer needs to give his opinion about the following vital items in the credit proposal

  • Security
  • Terms and conditions
  • Covenants
  • Margins
  • Enclosures

What We Offer

  • In Credit counselor, recommendations for loan to be sanctioned are summarized.
  • The terms and conditions and covenants are detailed.
  • A draft credit agreement is also submitted for the higher authority for scrutiny and approval.

Benefits of Credit Counselor

Credit counselor is useful for the credit sanctioning department as it gives a bird's eye view of all the vital points of credit assessment in a nutshell. If the management team members want to know further details they can refer the same. Credit counselor gives firsthand information about the customer profile.



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