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Credit Originator System

Lending is one of the primary functions of financial institutions around the world. Credit Originator System supports the loan origination process by gathering key details about the proposed credit, making a preliminary assessment and computing the pricing for the proposed credit enabling the applicant to decide whether to proceed with the loan process or not.

Credit Originator System helps the front office staff to make a quick judgment about the applicant on the eligibility parameters fixed by the lending institutions.

credit originator system

Credit Originator System

Benefits of
Credit Originator System

  • Credit Originator is a mechanism to identify, accept, or reject a proposal based on eligibility norms. There are instances where the officers and managers spend considerable time and then reject the proposal based on pre-requisites or basic eligibility norms. In the Credit Originator, the knockout conditions are verified in the initial stages.
  • Credit Originator is useful for front office staff to decide whether to submit the application for further processing or not.
  • Risk assessment is carried out to check whether the applicant has adequate resources to repay the loan.
  • It is a selection tool. It enables the lender to select individuals/businesses having good creditworthiness.
  • Credit underwriting process is simplified as preliminary evaluation is already complete.

Credit Originator

  • Customer Details
  • Loan Details
  • Financials
  • Scoring /Risk Rating
  • Pricing
  • In Principle Approval
  • Submit to Underwriting

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