Credit Portfolio Analyzer

Enhancing the Credit Risk Analysis by
meaningful representation of credit
portfolio & performance data

A virtual system to amass all credit data at one place

Credit Portfolio Analyzer System is a virtual agent for credit risk professionals providing the metrics they need for credit risk analysis. Credit Portfolio Analyzer system is a repository that contains portfolio and performance data gathered from different applications.

Credit Portfolio Analyzer System presents the portfolio data as dashboards, charts and reports and the visual representation enables user to quickly understand the data represented.

Features of Credit Portfolio Analyzer

Credit Portfolio Analyzer enables self-service analysis of credit portfolio & operational performance data.

Credit Portfolio Analyzer provides a comprehensive usable data model & analytic tools.

CBy leveraging all available data, Credit Portfolio Analyzer highlights changes in real time so that credit professionals can respond more quickly.

Credit Portfolio Analyzer is a powerful tools that enable a thorough and consistent analysis of the entire credit portfolio, with the ability to view and report on data from portfolio level down to individual accounts.

Credit Portfolio Analyzer provides flexible data segmentation so that users can drill down into the portfolio to continuously monitor concentration levels by exposure, industry segment and geography

The system supports accounts in different currencies and multiple languages too.
It supports mobile banking and internet banking

Benefits Of Credit Portfolio Analyzer

The entire set and sub set of credit portfolio data collated on a single dashboard

  • Perform credit portfolio management and risk analysis effectively
  • Simulates and visualizes the sensitivity analysis by changing collateral value or interest rate
  • Helps to identify and track risks due to concentrations of credit
  • Helps to record relationship profitability and to track industry sector exposures and trends
  • Analyze credit risk at portfolio or customer level effectively
  • Generates detailed and summary business intelligence reports in minutes, providing real-time data, graphs and comments in a clear manner.
  • Standard and custom reports can be generated

benefits of credit portfolio analyzer

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