Credit Party Manager

Centralized and an all-encompassing
solution for extensive credit party

Bridging the gaps in credit party management

Lending can be made to individuals, partnership firms, and corporate borrowers, Banks or Governments. Lending to a member of a group of companies or affiliated firms is more complex than lending to a single corporate entity.

Credit Party Manager System supports data maintenance for the credit participants, related parties and groups that play a role on the credits in the portfolio. The credit participants can be borrowers, co-borrowers, guarantors or 3rd Party Providers.

credit party management

Features of Credit Party Manager

Supports in management of common risk group accounts with shared security or common source of payment or group operating interdependence
Concentration risk group details based on Industry, portfolio & geographical segregation.
Extensive information gathering from

  • Customers
  • Related parties
  • Co-borrowers
  • Guarantors
  • 3rd party providers
  • Group details including details about affiliated firms, holding companies, subsidiaries and unincorporated enterprises
Capturing of financial statements and in depth group financial analysis
Deriving the extent of risk of the firms linked with the applicant
Storage of credit details of related parties

Benefits Of Credit Party Manager

  • Solid mechanism to indicate the diversification extent of the group
  • Stores the closeness of trading links and operating dependencies
  • Stores the concentration risk group details
  • Indicating the extent of parent company support for financially distressed borrowers
  • Helps in recording interdependence factor and analyzing the possibility of parent company siphoning out funds from a subsidiary through transfer pricing
  • Identification and analysis of
    • Group affiliations
    • Operating & financial interdependencies
    • Management and control
    • Shareholding & ownership
    • Group financial structure & cash flows
  • Information for credit risk assessment and group repayment ability

Credit Party Manager

credit party manager

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