Early Warning System

Proactive asset characteristics
monitoring and alerts to identify

Asset characteristic monitoring in early stages

Kumaran’s Early Warning System enables centralizing the processes of margins, covenants, securities, instruments and irregularities.

Our EWS system alerts the credit officer users and credit specialist users of the broken EWS signals with an email trigger. This system identifies the EWS pattern and notifies about any deteriorations in trends.

Apart from notifying deteriorations, EWS’s proprietary ‘Irregularities Scorecard’ constantly monitors the borrower level and portfolio level irregularities.

asset characteristic monitoring

Features of Early Warning System

Extensive monitoring of borrower level and portfolio level irregularities
Auto generated diaries for credit expiry and security expiry
Exclusive Covenants Tab for management of covenants
Segregating covenants based on tenure (Annual, semi-annual or quarterly)
Management of Covenants in Financial statements through ‘Covenant Details’ module
Capturing details of covenant summary
Highly configurable covenant management values

Benefits Of Early Warning System

Performing assets changing into Non Performing assets is a threat to most of the Financial Institutions.

  • Aids in effective implementation of a Credit Monitoring System (EWS unit)
  • Enables financial institutions to correct irregular events in initial stages
  • Hinting anomalies in credit history by frequent credit checks and inquiries
  • Indicators such as geographic indicators, industry indicators and perception indicators

Early Warning System

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