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Credit Decision System

Credit decision system enables efficient loan approving process i.e., automated and instantaneous credit decision based on information provided. This system provides an overview of a credit being adjudicated and provides many options for the Risk Manager for adjudicating an application and reaching a decision on its viability.

Business Challenges

Loans department in every Bank and Financial Institution receives many loan applications and the credit sanctioning process is almost the same in every institution. In view of the volume of loan applications there is a need to automate the decision making process. The management wants to know often how many loan applications are received and how many are sanctioned. If rejected why it was rejected. The sanctioning authority needs to refer to the complete details about the credit facilities requested for.

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In the Credit Decision System we have two modules namely 1. Decision options and 2. Decision Details In Decision Options page there are many options that are enabled for the sanctioning authority. The following are the decisions that can be made by the sanctioning authority during adjudication.
  • Approved: If the application is complete and all aspects of the application are in compliance with bank policy and assessment of good risk, the Risk Manager can accept the application as presented.
  • Approved With Changes: If approving with changes, the Risk Manager makes the necessary adjustments and documents the reasons for that action.
  • Declined: If the credit application is unacceptable or is not a good risk, it can be declined. As with an acceptance, the Risk Manager must supply reasons for his or her decision.
  • Deferred: Typically, a Risk Manager defers a decision pending additional clarification or additional documentation from either the Credit Specialist or from the Borrower.
  • Cancelled: This archives the credit. It will be listed under Cancelled credits on the My Account > Cancelled Credits sub-link on the dashboard.
  • Referred to SMA/NPA (Special Mention Account/ Non Performing Account): This decision is made when the sanctioning authority feels that the credit will be a non-performer. These types of credits are maintained separately by Account Manager SMA/NPA.
Decision detailspage includes the details of the credit like Obligor assessment summary, Facility, Security, Margins, Covenants, and Reporting Requirements etc.

Benefits of Credit Decision System

Credit decision System is useful for speedy decision making process. It becomes easy for the sanctioning authorities to refer to earlier decisions and compare the judgments in different scenarios.



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