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Credit Process Management (CPM)

In any Financial Institution, Credit Approval Process is the core line of business that contributes for the growth of income. Kumaran Systems is pleased to offer a product called CPM which is a comprehensive Credit Process Man-agement solution for all types of financial institutions right from small credit unions, micro financial institutions to big Banks. This CPM can be used for processing of retail as well as corporate credit applications. CPM is an ultimate lending solution which can be used in any part of the world.

Pain points of Lending Institutions

  • Currently all the Credit scoring process, financial analysis are done manually.
  • Cumbersome manual process leads to possibility of human errors and omissions.
  • All required Ad-hoc Reports are laborious/time consuming activity.
  • High possibility of dependency on some loan officers due to the nature of work.
  • Demarcation of duty segregation could not be implemented as the tasks are over-lapping.
  • Existing automated application is inefficient in credit risk management.
  • Inconsistency of Risk Evaluation.
  • Duplication of work like ratio analysis is computed at all levels.
  • There is no centralized repository available to view all the loan applications.
  • There is no centralized system to instantly view the status of the application.
  • Non availability of complete credit history.

Functional Features of CPM System

Fully functional Credit Process Management system has features like Authentication &
Authorization, Status Dashboard, Client Information, Industry details, KYC verification,
Credit Structure details, Financial/cash flow details, Ratio analysis, Credit Scoring /Risk
Evaluation, Collateral& Document details, Terms & Conditions and Credit Decision.

Benefits of CPM System

  • Robust Credit Process.
  • Provides an error free database of Loans & a Repository of Legacy Data.
  • Credit history is maintained in the database and can be retrieved at any point in time.
  • Built in Credit Score and Risk assessment.
  • The User ID history and series of audit trails are maintained by default in the solution.
  • Credits Decisions can be made faster and better.
  • Reporting capabilities provides early warning.
  • Dashboard enables a quick view of the current status of the system.
  • Can be integrated with any internal or external systems.
  • System can support multi lingual and multi-currency support.



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