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Credit Transaction System

Booking system for various credits is a transaction system. Banks will have separate credit transaction systems for personal loans, mortgages, credit cards, corporate and other retail loans. Day-to-day transactions like deposits and withdrawals by cash and cheque and other transfer entries are recorded in Credit Transaction system. This is linked to the Core Banking system and the feeds are generated and integrated with other systems and Data Warehouse.

Business Challenges

As there are many types of loans and loan products being sanctioned every day by Banks and financial institutions, there is a need to have a Credit Transaction system separately for recording the daily transactions.

Some Banks have already implemented core Banking Systems and there is a need to upgrade the transaction system as different module in the core banking system.

Various enhancements are being requested by the IT department in the credit transaction system based on the AML/KYC norms and other regulations.

What We Offer

  • In the credit transaction system, all transactions are captured. Each and every debit and credit is recorded with the details of narration for future reference.
  • Transaction system is a processing system which has complete details about the product, exposure, servicing and collections.
  • The system supports accounts in different currencies
  • The databases of customers and accounts are centralized
  • IT supports mobile banking and internet banking
  • Supports direct communication with SWIFT system
Business Benefits

Benefits of Credit Transaction System

Credit Transaction system is useful for recording individual credit details and as the database is kept separately for each type of loan it is easy to retrieve any reporting information from the credit transaction system at any point of time. It saves a lot of time and enables quick recording of transactions. All the transactions originating from any branch or other delivery channel will be processed real-time ensuring that the information acquired is accurate and up-to-date. A perfect acquisition and proper storage of transactions in a structured database leads to high reliability of inputs to further related systems. It will maintain General Ledger with User Definable Chart of Accounts, multiple level sub ledgers, transaction Journals with all the details acquired at the time of transactions. Quick Transaction Processing, Quick Response, Accommodative to new transaction types, easy adaptability to any new delivery channel and easy protocol exchange with external systems will be the focused areas.



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