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Risk MIS System

Risk management information systems are designed to overcome the problem of aggregating data across diverse source systems. The design of an information system depends on the risk measurement methodology that a Bank chooses.

Business Challenges

The following challenges are faced by business:

  • To better understand the risks it is taking, any organization including Bank wants to measure them. Risks have to be quantified.
  • To provide better incentives to its business units and to individual employees any organization wants to reward good risk-adjusted performance.
  • To provide its shareholders with a consistent and optimal risk-return tradeoff over time, a firm wants to accurately match the amount of capital it employs with the risks it takes.

Managers expect a risk management information system to provide them with the data they need to meet the above three business needs.

What We Offer

To meet these needs, Kumaran Systems have developed sophisticated risk management information systems. Risk MIS system is a repository of frequently used databases, reports, documents and data-warehouse.

We have delivered many intranet portals and databases for different line of businesses. We have generated 100s of reports for SME, Corporate sector and Impaired Loans system. We are part of developing and implementing retail and wholesale credit data warehouse of the Bank.

Business Benefits

Benefits of Risk MIS System

Currently, most managers want four things from their risk management information system:
  • calculate Value at Risk;
  • perform scenario analyses;
  • measure current and future exposure to each counterparty;
  • Do all three of the above at varying levels of aggregation, across various groupings of risks,across product types, and across subsets of counterparties.



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